Welcome to my website. It is a simple window into some of my work. Do explore and feel free to get in touch.

About Me

I am David George, a Cambridge based artist. I have been painting for over 15 years. I can’t help but notice contrast. I invest something of myself in each painting, whether broad brush or fine detail, paint allows me to express what I see and to share its splendour, simplicity and spirit.


I paint primarily using watercolor and oils. I use colour and tone harmoniously to accentuate light and dark in order to generate an atmospheric mood and feel.  I am drawn to light and dark and the way in which it communicates depth and form, clarity and intrigue, especially in relation to the ordinary that can often be overlooked or taken for granted. 


Please do get in contact to purchase original artwork or limited edition prints, to commission bespoke paintings, or to find out where I am exhibiting next.